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What is Spark?

Spark is a high quality, multi-component service as set out in the NICE guidance on the prevention, identification, assessment and management of overweight and obesity in adults and children (2006)

Providing a supportive environment that helps overweight and obese children and their families make sustained behavioural changes to achieve:

  • Increased physical activity and reduction in sedentary behaviour
  • Improved eating behaviour and quality of the child’s/ young person’s diet
  • Improved emotional well-being

The service will allow for personalised goal-setting in each of these areas

Providing knowledge and promotion of other local and national campaigns (e.g. Change4Life) and resources to signpost people to which play a key role in helping children and families to sustain their lifestyle changes and reduce sedentary behaviour

Covid-19 Update

We just wanted to let you know that we are still accepting and processing referrals as normal. The Spark programme is currently being run digitally so the families you refer will still get the support they need. We are continuously assessing the running of physical programmes and we will be in touch as soon as we return to physical venues. If you have any questions regarding the programme or you and/or your team would like some information regarding Spark or how to refer, please do not hesitate to get in touch by clicking here.

Thank you very much for your continued support.

What do our professional referrers to Spark have to say?

'Good feedback from the family I referred and fast response times.' ~  Feedback provided from the High Wycombe Family Resilience Team

'I referred a family on a Tuesday and they'd been contacted and enrolled by Thursday. Really helpful team.' ~ Feedback provided from a Nurse at Burnham School

How do I refer?

  • The quickest and easiest way to refer is by completing the short professional referral form here
  • Residents can also self-refer by calling 01494 490436 or requesting a call back here
  • GP practices can complete a Live Well Stay Well referral form (uploaded on clinical systems EMIS and DXS) and submit or email the form to

Referral tips

So that Spark can contact the person you have referred quickly, please:

  • Indicate the most convenient time for contact when completing the referral form
  • Explain the reasons that the service may be able to benefit them

How can I get more leaflets and posters?

What can residents expect?

  • Everyone that is referred will receive a phone call, usually within 48 hours or at a time of their choice
  • We will ask them a series of questions to understand their circumstances and make sure that Spark is the right service for their needs
  • Participants are followed up over the next 12 months to find out how they are getting on and to offer additional support
  • Spark is free to attend for those that are eligible

Who can access Spark?

  • Access to our children's healthy weight services is available to children who attend a school in Buckinghamshire .
  • Spark is available to children aged 7-13 years who are assessed as being higher than a healthy weight
  • Parents or guardians attend all sessions with their child and siblings of the attending child are also welcome to attend

How can I get involved?

At Spark we take great pride in what we do and offer an open invitation to all of our stakeholders to experience our programme themselves. We believe in the importance of Healthcare Professionals experiencing the services they refer their clients to first hand, so we are always happy for you to attend one of our sessions. Please contact our team to organise an appropriate time, date and location

What else can the service offer young people?

  • Live Well Stay Well also offer referrals to weight management support for children aged 14+
  • For those aged 16+, they can access the adult weight management programme provided by Slimming World
  • Live Well Stay Well can also support children aged 12+ with stopping smoking

Will I get any feedback after I have referred someone?

  • At the point you submit a referral via our secure online form, you will receive a message on screen to confirm that the referral has been successfully received by Spark
  • Your organisation will receive regular feedback on action taken and progress made by those you have referred to us. These reports will provide an anonymised summary of data for the period
  • Feedback reports will be provided on a quarterly basis. You will be asked to provide a point of contact for this information to be supplied to
  • Clients will be able to opt out of their data being included in feedback reports. We will only be able to supply data in the summary report for those who have provided consent

How can I feedback on the service?

  • We appreciate all feedback, good or otherwise!  Your feedback forms an important part of our continuous improvement of Spark
  • Please complete our quick and simple online feedback form

Feedback Form


Who provides Spark?

Spark is a sub brand of Live Well Stay Well.  Live Well Stay Well is the new, integrated lifestyle service for residents of Buckinghamshire, the service is commissioned by Buckinghamshire Council Public Health Team. The single point of access is commissioned in partnership with the Buckinghamshire Clinical Commissioning Group. Both Live Well Stay Well and Spark are services delivered by Parkwood Healthcare Limited.