Your Experiences

Your Experiences

Spark sessions have now been running for over a year!  The programme has been enormously successful and has helped families learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle! 

If you can spare five minutes to tell us what you think, please access our feedback form, below:

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As Covid-19 restrictions are starting to lift, there is the potential to return to face-to-face physical Spark programmes. We are asking for feedback on the Spark programme you attended / referred someone to, the results of which will help us create a safe,  informative and successful programme. Click here to complete the short questionnaire.

Owain and Sara have been really kind and made everything fun!

Service user, Spark, Age 9

I want to do Spark for the rest of my life!

Service user, Spark, Age 9

I'll make sure we complete our goals, and take photos of our recipes

Service user, Spark, Age 8

Dodge ball was really fun! I've already done 500 steps!

Service user, Spark, Age 11

We really struggle with our portion sizes so this session has been really helpful!

Parent, Spark, Age

I just wanted to thank Spark and particularly owain for helping motivate my children to exercise and make better choices with food. We’ve only been attending 3 weeks but my two children are taking it really seriously and always ask me to text owain when they’ve made their recipes.We also got a free voucher for family karate and went together over the weekend through a website owain told us about. It’s a relief and a joy to see them so committed and I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a valuable service to the community. we are looking forward to the future weeks.  

Jenny, Spark, Age

‚ÄčReally appreciate Spark and the time you gave us

Parent, Spark, Age