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Salt Awareness Week 8th - 14th March 2021

Salt Awareness Week 8th - 14th March 2021


It’s world salt awareness week from the 8th - 14th March 2021 and the theme this year is ‘More Flavour, Less Salt’

Did you know that globally we eat double the amount of salt that is recommended? We should only be having 5g of salt per day but this is ranging between 8-15g per day!

With Covid-19 hitting everyone and causing our lifestyles to change, we have had to adapt in a lot of ways, one being the foods we eat. For example, people aren’t going out for dinner, which means there are more opportunities to cook from home. This is great if you can cook as a family, everyone can get involved and see the process of having the ingredients and turning them into a delicious meal.

By cooking at home, it may seem that the only way to add flavour to foods is a pinch of salt. The great news is that there are so many other ways to make sure your food tastes delicious! This Salt Awareness Week, there are some simple tips to help you use less salt, including:

  • Replace Salt with chilli, citrus, fresh herbs, garlic, black pepper or spices

  • Cut back on sauces such as soy sauce, ketchup and salad dressings (which can contain lots of hidden salt)

Fun fact: salt is made up of sodium and chloride. We need some sodium in our diet to maintain our fluid balance in our bodies and also for cell function. But too much can be really harmful for our health.

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