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Digital Spark - Complete!

Digital Spark - Complete!

We are so pleased to announce that we have just completed our first ever digital Spark programme!

When the global pandemic hit, like most other services, a lot of support had to be provided digitally. Delivering our group sessions like we normally would was out of the question but we still wanted to do our best to help families learn more about healthy lifestyles, so this is exactly what we did and we are so pleased to say that it paid off! 

We supported a number of families in adopting healthier lifestyle habits such as healthy eating, exercising more and becoming more mindful. One of our main aims was for the digital support to be as similar as to that of our physical programme. Although it can be hard to communicate digitally and to get the right messages across, we feel like we managed to do this well, with lots of positive feedback from families. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our feedback below:

‘We are enjoying the videos and training, they are very genuine and and have a nice feeling about the presentation’

‘Spark really is more than we could have imagined or expected’

This is something that we are really looking forward to doing more of in the future and are always looking at ways to support families in Buckinghamshire. So if you are a family in Buckinghamshire that would like support from the Spark programme, or are a Health Professional who would like to refer a family through to us feel free to get in touch!

Phone: 01494 490436

Email: parkwood.sparkbucks@nhs.net